Avoiding greenwashing – Translate sustainability into your communication strategy

Developing your sustainability strategy is hard enough, let alone communicating about it. In this workshop, Michael Boschmans, founder of Quest, and Diana J Garcia, consultant and trainer at Quest Studio, will take you on a 'journey' through the interconnectedness of an organisation's impact strategy, positioning and communication strategy to navigate beyond the risks of greenwashing. 

How to stand out while the world is greenwashing? 
During this workshop we'll evaluate what greenwashing is. How to avoid it by practical examples of communications that marketers and brands did not see as greenwashing and were scolded and sued for. 

You will also set up a roadmap that will help you translate your sustainability strategy into a successful transparent communication strategy in line with new and upcoming legal rules against greenwashing. 

This workshop is for you if: ⠀ 

  • You are a marketing/communications manager for fashion/climate tech scale-ups
  • You are a sustainability manager for mid-sized brands/organisations
  • If you are a start-up founder in fashion trying to figure out how to do it all
  • Want to know how to identify greenwashing in your own messaging and communication strategy?
  • Want to understand what legal laws are looking for and learn how to translate sustainability into successful communications. 

There are only 20 places, so be quick! Avoid Greenwashing. Make sure you participate!

About Diana J. Garcia

After years of working with innovators and local funding institutions to support access to education for students looking to accelerate their learning in Latin America, Diana moved into the world of sustainability, helping the B Corp movement accelerate their community through best practices. She collaborated with the likes of Paul Polman, Jeff Seabridges, Suzy Cameron, and more, building collective action that is accessible, practical, and successful for our planet. Through the years she has strategically supported innovators from innovating biomaterials to scaling carbon literacy across the globe. She leads training and sessions to support the learning of systems change, collective action, and accessibility to innovators and large organizations. Her hope, and all the work she puts in, is to accomplish her one goal - stop the need for climate refuge, the reason she exists on this planet in the first place.

About Michael Boschmans

As Founder and Head of Impact at Quest Studio, Michael uses business as a force for good as a key framework to transform businesses' strategies. Michael combines design thinking and scaling lean methodologies to co-create stronger business models, strategies, brands, and services. As a mentor for Fashion For Good, he has been supporting fashion and climate scale-ups such as Full Cycle, Colorifix, and BitaGreen to find the right positioning and key messaging strategies, elevate investor pitching, and refine their sustainability roadmaps. He continues to lead and facilitate Quest's purpose-driven clients to use their impact to help scale and make a change in the world.