Using residual waste streams to create a circular business strategy

In this talk experts Roos Mulder, Development Engineer at The Loop Factory and Julia Ronkainen, Project Manager and Textile Engineer at Wargön Innovation, share their views on the transition to a circular economy within the TexChain 3 project. A transition that required a completely new way of dealing with 'how' products are made, used and cared for. 

With great demand and interest, the project proved its importance by the participation of 34 stakeholders. The various activities of the TexChain3 project together with the broad connection from the industry have created fantastic opportunities. 

The experts take a dive into the new business opportunities the project has created, such as substituting primary raw materials for secondary ones. But also recycling contaminated residues into new valuable products, reusing and redesigning residues and, most importantly, developing a circular identity and communication. Change can only start within yourself. 

About Julia Ronkainen

Julia is a textile engineer with a special interest in sustainable textile development and circular business models that contributes to a green revolution within the textile industry. Furthermore, she has a background in product development and quality assurancealways with the environmental and social health in mind. 



About Roos Mulder

Roos has a Master of Science in Textile Engineering from the University of Borås. She moved from The Netherlands to Sweden in 2017 after completing her fashion and management degree in Amsterdam. She is experienced in textile chemistry and wet textile processing and has a passion for finding sustainable solutions.