Co-creating circularity as a new reality

An Important difference between collabration & co-creation
We know we cannot reach circularity within one company. That is why we are all open for collaborations. However, we often underestimate the next step. Do you understand “collaboration” as “doing the same things together”? Or should we focus on “co-creating a new process”? 

From negative footprint to positive handprint
We envision a circular economy in which we do not only reduce our negatives but are able to create even a positive impact with our business. That is where the word “regenerative” comes in: the “we give more then we take” approach. 
Listen to the introduction of a value system in which brand partners are actively creating multiple positive impacts within their own value network, while ensuring their traceable and regeneratively grown cotton-supply at the same time. 

About Niccy Kol

Niccy is the dynamic driving force behind new initiatives and transformative processes within the fashion industry, encompassing Sportswear, Haute Couture, Ready to Wear, and Luxury Fabrics. With Raddis, her focus lies on the often overlooked, yet demanding and innovative aspects of sustainable transformation, circular processes, and partnerships. It is in these domains that this industry, abundant with creative trailblazers, should take the lead! 


Niccy has a bachelor of Fashion Management and Design of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, strategic management of the University of St. Gallen and business sustainability management at Cambridge University.

About Sanne van den Dungen

Sanne is the co-founder of Raddis®System and plays an important role in bridging the collaboration with tribal (women) farmers in India with dedicated partners to create a joint positive impact. Sanne works across the entire value network and maintains a strong grasp of ongoing developments to ensure continuous improvement. 


Sanne studied Organic Agriculture at Wageningen University and has a background in circular economy in different sectors with a focus on textiles gained at the Cradle to Cradle® specialized consultancy EPEA Netherlands.