How to mould a successful business model

Brace yourself for a group of experts who will give you insight into the Financing circular business initiatives, How to mould a successful business model, is a keynote about several business models by Rebel Group & Invest NL. 
Within this session Bart Budding, director and senior advisor at Rebel and member of the investment committee of the North Holland Sustainable Economy Investment fund and the national Water Innovation Fund and Jeroen Derkx and Maud Hartstra, Business Development Managers at Invest-NL, take you on a short trip along the possibilities of financing sustainable initiatives. Although there seems to be a wide ranges of financing options for projects, actually attracting financing proves to be difficult for many circular business initiatives.  
Invest-NL is leading the way when it comes to new financing options in this market. Therefore, Jeroen and Maud, will share their strategic vision on this type of financing from their perspective as financier and investor in circular business. Bart will provide some guidance in this field, building on his experience as a financial advisor.  
Together, Rebel and Invest-NL hope to inspire you and encourage you to embark on your own trip across the (sometimes) slippery slopes toward financing for your business by sharing their knowledge in the fielt of finance and by demonstrating what is needed to attract financing.

About Bart Budding

Bart Budding is director and senior advisor at Rebel Group. Bart assists companies, investors and governments with decision-making from the initial feasibility study to the financial close of a project. Has some 25 years of experience in financial and strategic advice in various so-called "green" markets, such as water, renewable energy and circular economy.



About Jeroen Derckx

Jeroen Derkx is Senior Business Development Manager at Invest NL for the Biobased and Circular Economy sector, an impact investor supported by the Dutch government. An entrepreneurial, innovative yet analytical and organised finance and management professional with over 15 years of experience within financial services with a good sense of humour.

About Maud Hartstra

Maud Hartstra is Business Development Manager at Invest-NL, a Dutch government-backed impact investor. In the Biobased & Circular Economy team, she focuses on tackling (financial) barriers for circular companies and accelerating system change to ensure circularity becomes the norm.