The first construction panel made from recycled textile waste

The Greenful panel is the first fully sustainable and recyclable panel made from textile and plastic waste. The panel is load bearing and designed to replace higher quality wood, plastic or metal panels in the interior and exterior of homes and buildings. It can be used in walls, flooring, outside sheeting, or roofing. The panel is 100% eco-friendly, 1/3 the CO2 level of traditional building materials, and can be completely recycled back into the original product at end of life. Best of all the panel can be made from all types of textile waste, both natural and synthetic materials, with no sorting or pre processing required. Greenful works with all types of textile suppliers and partners to solve the global textile waste problem together!

About Michael Vasileff

Michael is a co-founder and CFO of the Greenful Group. He is a CFA and experienced business professional with more than 25 years experience as a finance and start-up leader in the US and Europe.