Reuse – The Resource for Recycling Driving Circularity in the Waste Hierarchy

The recent LCA-based assessment of the management of European used textiles, commissioned by EuRIC Textiles has shown that reusing textiles in a global second hand market place is up to 70 times more environmentally beneficial compared to new clothing. Also, the LCA assessment clearly showed the advantages the reuse of textiles has for the climate.

Yet, the industry is under attack of environmentalists publishing damaging reports and images on the dumping of textile waste in developing countries. What are the reasons behind this and is there a way to optimize the environmental benefits of reuse without harm?

Also, when conditions for optimal global reuse are met, what happens after the reuse and how do we recover this feedstock for recycling? Questions pondering the minds of many people. Boer Group is always innovating and not afraid to walk the unknown track. We are very happy to share our thoughts with you at the Circular Textile Days 2023.   

About Mariska Boer

Mariska was born in The Netherlands and has been active in the textile industry for nearly all her life. With a degree of the Breda University, she initially began her career as project manager in the events industry. However she soon found herself more drawn to the textiles industry where she started working for the family business Boer Group over 20 years ago learning, at an early age, what is needed to reuse and recycle discarded textiles. Boer Group is one of the largest textile recycling companies in Europe, annually collecting, sorting and recycling over 110 million kilos of textiles.  
Mariska initially fulfilled the role of HR Director and is currently co-owner and responsible for the Corporate Communications. Mariska is also co-president of Vereniging Herwinning Textiel (Dutch Textile Recycling Association) and involved on EU level as president of EuRIC Textiles.