Making circular, sustainable and safe choices

Although we expect that the transition towards a circular economy will help solve many problems, circularity is not necessarily identical or even consistent with safety and/ or sustainability. Within the RIVM’s own Strategic Research Program, we investigate how circular design can be safe and also healthy and how new products can be designed in such a way that they can be used in a practical as well as circular way. Recycling is not sustainable if it requires a lot of energy or leads to the emission of harmful substances. In this session, we explore how we can make integrated assessment of safe, circular and sustainable solutions for denim. In addition, we look at circular consumption and barriers to closing the gap between willingness to make circular choices and actually doing so. 

About Anne van Bruggen

Anne van Bruggen is a researcher at the RIVM Centre for Sustainability, Environment and Health in circular economy and sustainability. She is an industrial ecologist and focusses on participatory processes that support evaluating circular solutions. 

About Liesbeth Claassen