Step your mind - A future proof change of mind-set

If business as usual remains the motto, to what extent can we change the system? In this talk, Rosa, a systems designer, explores the importance of having a clear vision of the future. How can we make existing businesses future-proof? And does it make sense to wait for laws and regulations, or can idealistic realism help us be ambitious and act in the spirit of the law? Through Doughnut Economy, biomimicry and the circularity of nature, Rosa inspires you to build a strong foundation for future-proof businesses. ⠀

As we have been told: "If we want to change the system, we have to change ourselves."

About Rosa Scholtens

Rosa is a systems designer, consultant and speaker/guest lecturer. With a master's degree in systemic change in the textile industry and a portfolio full of beautiful projects, Rosa tries to make everyone feel that they are part of a bigger ecosystem. She hosts the podcast Circular Textile Stories (in Dutch) and wrote a Tiny Guide to Sustainable Shopping (Because It’s Not Your Problem) (in Dutch: Gidsje voor duurzaam winkelen omdat het niet jouw probleem is) with tips and tools for consumers who are lost in translation when it comes to shopping sustainably.