From Waste to Value, Be Part of the Change

The Loop Solutions and Belda Llorens join forces and knowledge to offer an integral B2B textile circular economy from collecting the waste to final garment manufacture or fabric based on costumers needs. We encourage the brands and retailer to manage their complete waste, separated by content and color, and use a % (based on the quality obtained).

The obtained pre-post consumer waste will be blend in a 10-25% mix with other sustainable fibers as BCI Cotton, pre consumer cotton, recycled polyester, organic cotton…. The resulting yarn ( Made By Belda Llorens) will be used to make a knitted or weaving fabric and converted into a garment or textile product that it’s used by the brand or retailer that created the textile waste collected. A complete integral B2B circular economy system,  from waste to value!

About Jorge Mataix

Jorge Mataix is the current general manager of Belda Llorens and president of The Loop Solutions. He also is Board Member of different European Textiles organitacions such as ATEVAL, CIE, ETP (European Textile Platform by Euratex).