High Hopes

When The Swapshop closed the doors of its pop-up clothing exchange shop in 2019, the entrepreneurs were left with 1240 kilograms of non-swapable clothing. They found out that about twice as much clothing is handed in to The Swapshop then is taken away. For the past 3 years, Laura and Monique have been looking for solutions for their textile surplus.

Monique tells about their quest and how this eventually resulted in a circular laptop sleeve made of more than 70% recycled textile. One of the biggest challenges that they still have to overcome is convincing consumers the importance of circular consumption. From her background as a Sociologist, Monique takes you along in a short analysis of her approach.

About Monique Drent

Monique is one of the two co-founders of The Swapshop. From her background as a sociologist, she believes in the power of positive communication as a tool to make consumer behavior more sustainable.