Turkish Textile Industry- Dedication to Sustainability

The Turkish textile & apparel industry is a key player in the country's economy, contributing 6.2% of GDP and generating $79 billion in manufacturing value. With 1.2 million employees and an integrated production capacity, it's also the EU's second-largest supplier. The industry's competitive edge lies in its advanced accessories, flexible production, skilled labor, and adherence to EU standards. Turkey exports mainly to European markets, with Italy, Germany, and the US as its top destinations. Notably, the industry has embraced sustainability practices, with Turkish banks financing renewable energies. Overall, Turkey's textile industry is a reliable source of ethical and eco-friendly textiles, and a strategic partnership with the Netherlands could prove mutually beneficial. 

About Besim Özek

Besim is an İTHİB Board Member and Director of Strategy&Business Development. Following his graduation from Tarsus American College and Çukurova University Mechanical Engineering, he has taken a large and vital business role in logistics and purchasing departments for over 25 years. 

About Elif Berrak Tasyürek

Elif is Trade Specialist at the Ministry of Trade and working on the coordination of public policies in line with Green Deal Action Plan of Türkiye. She is particularly specialized in the circular and sustainable policies in the textile sector.