Find partners for your circular business strategy!

Circular Textile Days' core value is to connect people, to expand one's network and make fruitful strategic partnerships. This year, Circular Textile Days (CTD) is organising the CTD-match making in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th June 2023.

CTD-Match is a platform, powered by EEN, where our exhibitors, visitors and other expert participants, can register for free to organise an encounter with one another.

How it set up a match!

How to organise a meet up with someone! Each company, subscibed to the platform, creates its own profile where it can specify the type of organisations or experts they'd like to connect with. Services, products, specific questions and expertise can be found on the profile as well. Based on the availability one specifies. It's possible to schedule appointments at the available timetable.

Match location
The appointments will take place at the Circular Textile Days' event. A special area, a Dexter, is provided for the appointments or, if desired, the meet up can take place at the exhibitor's booth.

Interested in meeting new partners in the circular textile business? Then register via the CTD-Match platform and start participating in the CTD-Match?

First create a collaboration profile by logging in. Then start scheduling your appointments with like-minded participants.

Participation in the CTD-Match is free! All you need is an entrance ticket.

Please feel free to contact us for any further questions: e-mail Rachel de Gooijer.
More about the CTD-Match platform

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