Currently, man-made cellulosic fibres (MMCFs) such as viscose and lyocell have a small but growing share of the textile fibre market. In recent years, leading MMCF producers such as Aditya Birla, Lenzing and RGE have made progress in processing textile waste as part of their feedstock. In this way, they are increasing the circularity of their products and reducing their dependence on virgin feedstock. At the same time, numerous start-ups and innovators have also emerged in this field, such as Renewcell, Infinited Fiber Company and TreeToTextile. 

AFRY's analysis will explore the spectrum of next-generation MMCFs that use textile waste as feedstock. The analysis will be complemented by a deep dive into the cost competitiveness of these fibres to reveal key opportunities and challenges for the future. 

About Lucja Wanicka

Lucja Wanicka has more than eight years of industry experience and previously worked for leading pulp and textile fibre companies. She has a master's degree in Chemical Engineering and is currently completing her MBA at Aalto University Executive Education, Helsinki, Finland. She joined AFRY Management Consulting in 2019 and currently leads the textile industry competencies.