Bio-Circular Innovations

Arapaha is an innovation-driven start-up based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. By creating bio-circular products with the lowest possible carbon footprint, we fundamentally change how beautiful things in our homes are made. For us this means that we push to develop and launch completely biobased and durable products that exist within in a closed loop: we apply design-for-recycling and guarantee product-to-product recycling. In this way, we create a lifestyle in balance with our planet. In her presentation Tina Brückner will discuss Arapaha’s approach to bio-circular innovations.

We believe it´s possible!   

About Tina Brückner

Tina Brückner (Circular Product Manager @ Arapaha B.V.) is a German textiles and innovation expert. She is passionate about technology and design and challenging the status quo as well as driving circularity and sustainable solutions through innovation.