Cooperation outlines Digital Product Passport

As part of the Green Deal, the EU is developing a Digital Product Passport (DPP) mandatory for all textile products sold on the European market. The need for clear, complete and reliable product data is more urgent than ever. Preparing for the DPP requires all supply chain partners to work together.

To prepare companies in time for the DPP, and to adapt to appropriate circular business opportunities, GS1, a not-for-profit partner, has launched a textile pilot. The pilot for a DPP is a collaboration with several textile and footwear companies, to investigate what data is needed for which business case from which player in the circular chain and how that data can be captured and accessed by a DPP.

With the project, GS1 aims to accelerate and standardise the DPP process in a level playing field. The outcomes will also be presented to governments and industry associations with the aim of shaping and supporting policy.

In this talk, Jan Merckx, Loek Boortman and Michiel van Yperen update you on the planning, content and criteria for such a DPP. In addition, they will show the already existing standards for identifying products, locations and events and how this can be used for a DPP. Moreover, participants in the textile pilot will share their first experiences for a circular use case and how a DPP can accelerate circular business models.

Cooperation outlines Digital Product Passport

About Loek Boortman

Loek Boortman is CTO at GS1 Netherlands. Previously he worked for several logistics companies in the Port of Rotterdam and as a lecturer om logistical data at the Rotterdam Polytechnical University. 

He has detailed technical and business knowledge and of global standardization. He is part of the GS1 innovation network and the GS1 Netherlands management team.

Cooperation outlines Digital Product Passport

About Jan Merckx

Jan Merckx is sustainability lead for GS1 Netherlands and supports the Digital Passport Project Cirpass project for GS1 in Europe. 

He is a senior expert in logistics and supply chain transparency with a focus on the transition to a circular economy. He has expertise in different sectors like retail, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. 

Cooperation outlines Digital Product Passport

About Michiel van Yperen

Michiel van Yperen is sustainability manager at GS1 Netherlands and an experienced transition manager for circular supply chains in several sectors, a.o. textiles. 

He has been the transition manager of the Dutch Circular Textile Valley, a change arena of innovative frontrunners in circular design, production and recycling of textiles and now involved in traceability and new business models in fast moving consumer goods. Van Yperen studied biology, health sciences and educational sciences.