Cooperation towards a 100% circular production system

With a strong commitment, Circularity tackles and solves textile challenges. Creating a diverse and inclusive range that reduces textile waste, promotes conscious textile consumption and encourages reuse.    

Using collected textile waste, Circularity has developed a 100% circular production system to produce new yarns, which are turned into woven or knitted fabrics to make new products. New fabrics, without adding any virgin materials such as cotton or polyester. After every production, fabrics are tested by TUV in Germany. Machines are newly upgraded with their technologies bringing solutions, extra quality and uniqueness.  

Circularity is building a global platform for countries and companies equally driven to revolutionise the textile industry. They do this by sharing technologies with interested, motivated and green-minded companies.  

General European laws such as EPR and/or CSRD are an important part of Circularity's implementation and application in development. Circularity collaborates with companies such as Berlin Police, Intersafe, Kaufland, part of Schwarz Group, Van Wijngaarden, and many others. They believe collaboration can bring new perspectives and positive transitions in environmental and social development.    

You are welcome to visit the booth at any time for an open discussion and to explore future opportunities. 

About Alexandra Polakova

Alexandra Polakova is Export Manager at Circularity B.V.. With her dedication, skills, and passion for social and environmental development, she oversees the possibilities of exporting Circularity's technologies to other countries and green-minded companies.

About Han Hamers

Han Hamers is CEO at Circularity B.V.. Han is a driven and dedicated individual who wears many hats as a business owner, father and advocate for sustainability. he is committed to make a positive impact on the environment through his passion for sustainability.