Using your brand and your partnerships to make (positive) impact in the textile industry?

Making a positive impact isn't about making just a success story, it's beyond that, it's about trial and error, difficult politics and learning along the way. Your actions may not only have a positive impact. During this session, Nicolas Prophte, a pioneer in the denim industry, addresses the difficulties of translating a brand vision into the 'real world' from a strategic point of view.

Getting things done! Because without actions you don't make impact. This session runs parallel to Nicolas' experiences when it comes to a collaboration platform and having shared visions. This includes the complexity of 'dealing' with the involvement of many stakeholders and therefore different needs. Nicolas will showcase how to connect the dots. How to focus on the execution, understand the business model of other stakeholders and keep people tributing to your common goal.

How to drive positive impact in our fashion industry

Nicolas Prophte - VP Sourcing, Production & Innovation Denim, Tommy Hilfiger at PVH Corp.

Nicolas Prophte is a pioneer in the denim industry and has developed expertise in designing, producing and marketing top-quality sustainable denim products. A denim activist, driven by a purpose to transform an industry to become cleaner and more responsible towards our planet & communities.

Nicolas Prophte has a superior reputation in the textile industry with a global network of partners and suppliers in the rapidly evolving fashion industry.

Conceptualised the Blue Planet Project, a sustainable plan for Denim and Fashion on behalf of Pepe Jeans.