Avancement through nature - How to incorporate innovative biobased fabrics in your next collection

PYRATEX® is an R&D company and textile supplier of circular knits made with innovative fibers. We develop high quality fabrics with responsible natural, regenerative or recycled fibers. Some examples of the fibers we use are kapok, Seacell and banana agri-waste. 
The company produces locally in Europe and America and is GRS, OCS and GOTS certified. Since we design our fabrics from the raw materials we have complete traceability of our supply chain. Our PYRATEX® fabrics are made from plants with properties that take care of you, and we knit them in a way that preserves these properties in the final fabric. 
PYRATEX® democratizes innovative sustainable fashion, making it available and understandable to a broad public. Listen to our pitch or pay us a visit at our booth if you’d like to know more!

About Ietje Klaver

As the Head of Operations in Madrid, Ietje organises and oversees the daily operations, ensuring the company is well coordinated. With more than 15 years of international experience in the fashion industry, from brands like Chanel to sustainable brands like Ecoalf, she efficiently manages all procedures and coaches the PYRATEX® team.