Do you believe in your own sustainability policy? Of course you do. But your customer doesn't believe it. Or your government. European Commission research shows that almost half of all sustainability claims made by brands are vague, misleading or even untrue. Both the Dutch and Belgian governments check companies' ethical claims. Soon, Europe will follow suit. How can you ensure that consumers can trust (you) again? One piece of advice before this session begins: don't treat sustainability as a marketing tool. Don't be too perfect, and don't expect that from your customer. Remove the guilt, and do the work. 

About Sarah Vandoorne

Freelance journalist Sarah Vandoorne has been reporting on sustainability efforts, or lack thereof, in the textile industry since 2015. Her reporting has taken her to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Morocco, Ghana and India. She has a keen eye for greenwashing and over the years became a bit of a cynic. Yet she cannot help but remain idealistic, especially while interviewing designers as passionate as she is. Her first book 'Wardrobe Fasting. The textile chain unravelled' (in Dutch ‘Kleerkastvasten. De textielketen ontrafeld’) was published in April. She lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.