Texcircle - The design of a circular ecosystem

To future-proof textile production, we need to develop new sources of raw materials, including post-consumer textiles. The Texcircle research project is all l about converting used clothes into raw materials for new textiles.  

The aim of the project was to close the life cycle of textile products so that the original materials can be efficiently reused as raw materials for new, high-quality products. The project examines and optimises recycling processes and rethinks existing value chains. Working alongside industry partners, Texcircle defines fibre compositions, machine settings and new product cycles. 

The Texcircle project was led by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and conducted in collaboration with Coop, Rieter, Rohner Socks, Ruckstuhl, Texaid and workfashion.com. Other supporters include ZIVI, Nikin and Tiger Liz Textiles. 

About Tina Tomovic

Tina Tomovic is a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, where she graduated as Master of Arts in Design. Working in close collaboration with stakeholders, her research work deals extensively with aspects of textile sustainability and specialises in textile recycling and circularity.


Texcircle - The design of a circular ecosystem

About Anna Pehrsson

Anna Pehrsson is a textile engineer with a Master's in Textile Management. For over 7 years, she is responsible for R&D in the field of textile-to-textile recycling within the Texaid Group. Her expertise lies in textile recycling, with a background in product and material development.