The Event

The European textiles industry uses 17 million tonnes non-renewable input materials yearly, making it one of the most polluting industries! Resources are limited while the planet is being polluted with waste from our consumption.

Therefore a transition to a circular business model is crucial.


At the event, visitors could join the following presentations and interviews: PROGRAM

Recordings and pictures of these presentations and interviews (and more) can be viewed here:


During the event, actual questions and issues about circular textiles will get attention, such as:

  1. Is a recycled material available that meets my technical requirements?
  2. Are LCA (Life-Cycle Assessment) or other reliable data available to compare the ecological impact of recycled versus virgin material?
  3. Will my product need a circular design to ensure the various components will be suitable for a recycling stream?
  4. What would be a reason to consider recycled materials?
  5. Is post-consumer recycling a good option for me and which methods are possible?
  6. Which bio-based materials are currently available?
  7. What are the facts of recycling materials, such as polyester, polyamide 6, wool and other materials?

Learn more about the value chain and relevant developments at the Circular Textile Days!

The first edition...

  • Participating companies will present the latest circular textile innovations.
  • The whole textile supply chain will be represented: from raw materials, yarns, fabrics and garments, to dismantling and recycling.
  • Knowledge institutes will provide information and detailed explanation.
  • Over 200 sustainable and recyclable textiles are expected at the exposition and at the innovation square.
  • The latest textile recycling technologies will be showcased, divided into reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling.
  • Realistic information is provided about materials, developments, processes.



  • Corporate fashion
  • Healthcare
  • Public service/ national security
  • Professional/ safety wear

and beyond...

  • Sports/ outdoor
  • Fashion 

An event with inspiring presentations of developments in textile sustainability and recycling.

Find more info in the download 'What to expect'.

The Event

Covid-19 Precautions

Safety for all people at the physical event location is key, so strict rules apply during your event visit.

That is why we have the following attention points and relevant information:

  • The number of visitors is limited and visitors may only enter with a pre-booked entrance ticket of the particular time-slot and are expected to leave at or before the end of the booked time-slot.
  • Before entry, each person will have to show either a valid proof of vaccination, or negative Covid-19 test result of maximum of 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • All who feel ill, we ask to stay at home, even if you are vaccinated. Do not come to the event, unless you have a negative Covid-19 test result of maximum of 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • Walking route markings and broad paths between the booths, to ensure physical distance of at least 1,5 m.
  • Designated seats in the speakers room, with a safe maximum number of people.
  • The cafeteria is for take-away only.
  • The venue's area is well-ventilated.
  • Hygiene provisions available for all, such as: hand hygiene stations and tissues.

At the event, we will help you in a friendly way to comply with the rules, so you and all others in the room will feel safe and at ease.

For more information and making a test appointment: