Tuesday September 14th, morning speakers:

Mariska Zandvliet, President of EuRIC Textiles: How can EU policy drive circularity in textiles?


Ruud Scheerder of RS Sustainability with Mireille Reijme of Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Waterways and Public Works)


Circular gowns for healthcare (Covid-19), developed by CleanLease Consortium, with the Amsterdam Economic Board - by Roosmarie Ruigrok & Marten Boels

Tuesday September 14th, afternoon speakers:


Shirley Schijvens of Schijvens Confectiefabriek: our circular journey: only winners!


Edwin Maes, consultant Clothing Textiles of Centexbel: overview of the textile recycling technologies


Annemieke Koster, of Enschede Textielstad and the TexPlus Foundation: the status and opportunities of textile production nearby and the collaboration with Frankenhuis textile recycling, part of Boer Group


Paulien Harmsen of WUR (Wageningen University & Researchexplores the options for replacing non-renewable feedstock in the textile industry by using biomass-based feedstock and optimizing recycling technologies


Centexbel & Modint introduce the Interreg NWE Circtex project: development of recycling and production technologies in a closed-loop process for PET workwear, presented by Marta Molist of Antex and John Beelen of Wear2Go

Wednesday September 15th, morning speakers:


WUR(Wageningen University & Research): sense and non-sense in circular workwear procurement by Michiel Scheffer


Modint: Extended Producers Responsibility, EPR (UPV)and the transition to a circular and sustainable Dutch fashion and textile business, by Peter Koppert


NEN Delft: the regulation of circular textile classification by NTA 8195: the current phase, the certification requirements and expectations of European regulation of circular textile products (CEN), by Gillian Herpers


'Purchasing, wearing and disposing is still the norm. Only together we can get rid of discard-thinking' - interactive session by Erica van Doorn, managing director Stichting Sympany

Wednesday September 15th, afternoon speakers:


Dr. Ir. Natascha van der Velden (independent researcher and consultant sustainable fashion, holding a PhD from Delft University of Technology, on LCA of textiles) & Rachel Cannegieter: make your sustainable development a reality through impact measurement


FTN / TKT (Federatie Textielbeheer Nederland/ Technologisch Kenniscentrum Textielverzorging) - Henk Gooijer: textile care practices and sustainability


Researcher Dr. Muhammad Maqsood, of Faculty of Science and Engineering, of Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM): introduction of the institute and research group and explore the collaboration opportunities with the textile industry