Circular Textile Days

The Circular Textile Days is a business event that offers a great opportunity for meeting new partners in the sustainable textile business and for discovering and discussing innovative circular textile solutions.

A broad selection of companies and institutes show their new sustainable, circular solutions. The entire textile-chain is present, from recycled yarn to eco-design garments, reusing materials and high-tech recycling. Visitors are expected from various textile industry segments, from B2B end-users to fashion brands, retailers, educators and students.

We have a speaker line-up with interesting and representative people who are informative and inspirational to strengthen our mission of circular textile. Topics that for example might be included for the second edition are the NTA 8195 on Circular Textile, the EPR (or UPV in Dutch), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CRSD), LCA's, biobased materials and the facts of recycling materials like polyester, polyamide and cotton.

Circular Textile Days aims to be the future platform for talks, discussions, presentations and sharing innovative ideas.


When and where in 2024 ...

18 & 19 September 2024

At 1931 Congress Centre, 's-Hertogenbosch

1931 Congress Centre in 's-Hertogenbosch is the historical conference centre and the next place to be.

Check through the buttons below how the Circular Textile Days 2023 have inspired, enhanced insights and connected initiators to stimulate circular textile solutions.

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