Circular Textile Days

The Circular Textile Days is a hybrid event, offering both physical and digital company representation and visitor options. It will be a great opportunity for meeting new partners in the sustainable textile business and for discovering and discussing innovative circular textile solutions. 

For the whole textile-chain, from recycled yarn to eco-design garments, reusing materials and high-tech recycling.

Workwear and functional clothing will be strongly represented and there will be special attention for the Dutch Technical Agreement NTA 8195. Next to that, since so many companies are currently developing new sustainable, circular solutions, an industry broad interest is expected, including the fashion segment.

There will be presentations, an information square and expo with company booths, both virtual and physical.

You will find eco yarns, fabrics, accessories and garments. A platform for talks, discussions, presentations and sharing innovative ideas. 

The online expo is free for visitors!


When and where...

The first edition of Circular Textile Days took place on September 14 and 15, 2021. The Circular Textile Days team thanks all its partners, exhibitors and visitors for a successful event. Also a special thanks to the team of location Prodentfabriek.

You have made the event a great success. We hope the event has given you the insights, opportunities and knowledge to keep innovating for a 'future proof' way of recycling, reusing and repairing textiles.

We can't do it by ourselves, but together we can!

We keep you informed for the next circular event.

Focus on: NTA 8195

The Dutch Technical Agreement NTA 8195 has recently been finalised and is developed by NEN, in collaboration with representatives of the entire Dutch textile industry. It defines and explains categories of 'circular textiles' and provides a work standard for the whole textile industry, in particular beneficial for corporate wear tenders.

At the Circular Textile Days the purpose, the contents and the consequences can be discussed. Also the next step, development of a certification scheme, will be highlighted.


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