Reasons to Visit...

It is not easy to separate sense and nonsense in the textile industry. Why? Because we are overwhelmed by information from many sources, varying in quality. At the Circular Textile Days clear answers will be provided! Participants and knowledge centers will share relevant and reliable knowledge about sustainability and circularity.

Special attention will be paid to the new Dutch Technical Agreement NTA 8195, developed by NEN, defining categories of 'circular textiles'. It explains the topic in detail and provides a work standard. This NTA will be beneficial to the entire textile industry, in particular for corporate wear tenders.

Circular Textiles Days has an informal and focused ambiance, where you can find the latest innovations in circular and sustainable textiles. Exhibitors showcase groundbreaking technologies and there is an extensive information square and there willl be inspiring presentations.

Governmental organisations in Netherlands, Belgium and other EU countries have made plans with high ambitions for 2025-2030-2050. At the Circular Textiles Days you will find tools the fulfil these demands!

Information Square & Innovation Forum

Beside exhibitors with groundbreaking novelties, there is an extensive information square with inspiring presentations.

Next to that knowledge institutes and exhibitors will present the latest developments in the innovation forum, such as:

  • Bio-based materials and yarns
  • Eco-friendly finishing and dyeing
  • Collecting and disassembling methods
  • Eco-design of garments
  • Labelling and traceability
  • Eco-design sewing yarn and accessories

Selected innovative companies and start-ups will be invited for a presentations about their new developments!

Companies with innovative concepts, feel free to contact Circular Textile Days directly.


Covid-19 Precautions

Safety for all people at the physical event location is key, so strict rules apply during your event visit.

That is why we have the following attention points and relevant information:

  • The number of visitors is limited and visitors may only enter with a pre-booked entrance ticket of the particular time-slot and are expected to leave at or before the end of the booked time-slot.
  • Before entry, each person will have to show either a valid proof of vaccination, or negative Covid-19 test result of maximum of 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • All who feel ill, we ask to stay at home, even if you are vaccinated. Do not come to the event, unless you have a negative Covid-19 test result of maximum of 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • Walking route markings and broad paths between the booths, to ensure physical distance of at least 1,5 m.
  • Designated seats in the speakers room, with a safe maximum number of people.
  • The cafeteria is for take-away only.
  • The venue's area is well-ventilated.
  • Hygiene provisions available for all, such as: hand hygiene stations and tissues.

At the event, we will help you in a friendly way to comply with the rules, so you and all others in the room will feel safe and at ease.

For more information and making a test appointment: