Speaker line-up


Tuesday 13 September

9:30   Start exhibition
10:15   To be announced
11:05   Peter Koppert - Update Extended Producer Responsibility (UPV in Dutch)
By Modint
12:15   Circular Design Lunchcafé - Which design choice do you make to enlarge the impact of circularity?
13:45   Josse Kunst - The chemical recycling of polyester
By CuRe Technology
14:45   Mariska Boer - The EU strategy to spin circular textiles
By Boer Group
15:35   Edwin Maes - Everything you need to know about certification of circular textiles
By Centexbel
16:45   Denim Deal key learnings
17:30   End exhibition


Wednesday 14 September

9:30   Start exposition 
10:00   Sina Steidinger - Circular Design for Jeans
10:50   Isabel de Schrijver - Circular use of plastics and textiles: challenges and opportunities
By Centexbel
11:40   Michiel Kort | Wouter de Waart - Chain collaboration LIVE (interactive/matchmaking)
By Rebel Group
13:15   Kimberley van der Wal - From start-up to scale-up as the solution for the Extended Producer Responsibility (retail)
By Wolkat & Drop&Loop
14:05   Erica van Doorn - To be announced
By Sympany
14:55   To be announced
15:45   Aletta Westra (Ministry of Defense) - To be announced

16:30   Talkshow
17:30   End exhibition


Tuesday 12 September

10:00 - 12:00   Circular design: Collaborate - Change by product design
14:00 - 15:30   Supply Chain Responsibility - Comply with upcoming due diligence rules


Wednesday 13 September

10:00 - 11:30   Eco-Tools - Making sustainability measurable
14:00       To be announced

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Information Square & Innovation Forum

Beside exhibitors with groundbreaking novelties, there is an extensive information square with inspiring presentations.

Next to that knowledge institutes and exhibitors will present the latest developments in the innovation forum, such as:

  • Bio-based materials and yarns
  • Eco-friendly finishing and dyeing
  • Collecting and disassembling methods
  • Eco-design of garments
  • Labelling and traceability
  • Eco-design sewing yarn and accessories

Selected innovative companies and start-ups will be invited for a presentations about their new developments!

Companies with innovative concepts, feel free to contact Circular Textile Days directly.