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Find circular frontrunners &Why you should be a Exhibitor

Find circular frontrunners below &

Why you should be a Exhibitor

Fair, transparent, knowledge, collaboration

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become a member

At Circular Textile Days, every participant is a valued member of our community. Participants are exhibitors, associates and visitors. Our platform is open to companies at every stage of sustainability and provides an opportunity to show their commitment.

Circular Textile Days welcomes your engagement. Please join us in the journey towards a circular future. Below is an overview of our Member Packages, Exhibitor and an Associate. Choose your engagement for a circular textile industry.

Early Bird 2024 for CircularTextileDays

Choose your booth size

Exhibitor packages

There are five different ways to exhibit with a booth. Choose the size that suits your company. The details for each booth option will soon be available.


3×4 m



2×4 m



2×3 m



1×1 m



0,4×0,4 m


Boost your exposure

In addition to the booth size, you can customise the level of participation that suits your goals and preferences best at the time.
“Boosters” below are available in their complete package not as separate parts.






Early bird discount

100% 50%
Package price
€0 €500 €900
Display Innovation Forum €250 🟠 🟡 🟤
Logo on website 🟠 🟡 🟤
Main stage attendance – day/person 1 2 2
Entrance ticket a day €25 2 2 2
Guest tickets €25 each 10 10 15
Give preferred location   🟡 🟤
Business pitch* €350     🟤
In newsletter** €250   🟡 🟤
On social media** €250   🟡 🟤
Photography booth*** €100     🟤
Video summary**** €250     🟤

* Presentation on Expert stage
** Maximum 500 words, providing image by the exhibitor
*** Five images: front, side & crew
**** 30 – 45 seconds duration. Extra time possible at additional cost

# We aim to have a nice balance between the number of start-ups and exhibitors

Objectives to exhibit

Competitive advantage2023-11-20T09:44:04+01:00

Exhibiting at Circular Textile Days makes you frontrunner. Helping to maintain or to increase an edge over your competitors.

Access to stages2023-11-20T09:43:39+01:00

As an exhibitor, you get access (as a visitor) to main stage and be part of the selection of speakers.

Access to investment opportunities2023-11-20T09:43:09+01:00

Circular Textile Days attracts investors interested in financing sustainable companies. This opens up an opportunity to explore funding opportunities.

Knowledge sharing2023-11-20T09:42:41+01:00

Companies can both increase their own knowledge as well as share their expertise with others, enhancing their reputation and credibility.

Positive image building2023-11-20T09:44:30+01:00

Participation has a positive impact on your overall brand image and consumer loyalty.

Market opportunities2023-11-20T09:44:25+01:00

Exhibiting at Circular Textile Days offers you the opportunity to showcase your initiatives in the field of circular textile. Providing, proven, new market opportunities and customers.

Visibility and networking opportunities2023-11-20T09:38:59+01:00

Putting yourself in the spotlight and connecting with other professionals and potential clients in the industry. It can lead to valuable business contacts and collaborations.

Sample collection garments at Circular Textile Days 2023
Logo Circular Textile Days

Expose your circular engagement

Associate packages

The Associate is a fresh new approach to be part of Circular Textile Days. It’s the ideal choice for your company to connect your name to circular textiles and sustainability within the textile industry, express your commitment and at the same time contribute to the program.







What suits you best

Choose how you want to express your commitment and participation to the program.
Media package put together in consultation.




Barter €700 €950
Logo on website 🟠 🟡 🟤
Entrance ticket a day 1 2 2
Exposure at event 🟡 🟤
Display Associate square 🟡 🟤
Main stage attendance – day/person 1 2
Attendance (matchmaking) talks 🟡 🟤
Guest tickets 5 10
In newsletter** 🟤
On social media** 🟤
Speaker round table 🟤

** Maximum 500 words, providing image by the exhibitor

Objectives to expose your circular engagement


Connecting shows that your company is forward-thinking and committed to sustainable and circular solutions for the textile industry.

Education and knowledge sharing2023-11-20T10:13:24+01:00

As Associate you can participate in panels, lectures or workshops in which you can share your expertise and contribute to the knowledge of the visiting audience. This enables your company to become a knowledge leader in the industry.

Access to stakeholders and influencers2023-11-20T10:12:48+01:00

Participation will give you the opportunity to engage directly with stakeholders and influencers in the textile and sustainability industry.

Positive brand image2023-11-20T10:12:16+01:00

Through participation you show that your company is aware of its ethical and social responsibility and is willing to actively contribute to positive change.

Brand awareness2023-11-20T10:11:27+01:00

Your name is prominently displayed in digital marketing communication: on the website and during the event. That way, you attract the attention of participants, visitors and media and open the door for conversation.

Important note!
Participation in the Circular Textile Days does not require that your company is already 100% circular operating. It is mainly to show that you are in the process of taking steps towards sustainability.

Edwin Maes Centexbel & Jeanet van de Stoel Groenendijk at Circular Textile Days
Logo Circular Textile Days

Sign up

Thank you for registering to participate as an exhibitor or associate at Circular Textile Days. You will be redirected to a Google form where you can submit your company details. We will contact you subsequently.

Sign up form

In the form below, you can indicate that you want to participate in Circular Textile Days. Please provide your company details, the sector you work in and in which part of the circular textile chain your products and/or services are located. Also the way in which you wish to participate.
Thank you for your interest in Circular Textile Days and your registration.

Company information

To contact, invoice and booth signing

What kind of organisation: *
Logo upload

In PNG-file.
Have you participated before then we already have your company logo.

Contact person for Circular Textile Days
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number

Business details

What areas are you involved in

What sector is your company in
Where in the circular textile chain can your company be classified

You can chose more options:

 Circular cicle textiles
Which circular and sustainable products or services do you wish to present at the Circular Textile Days?

You can chose more options:

Technology Readiness Levels (TRL)

To define the innovation and product development of products or services into phases, the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) can be used. TRL originated at the NASA. Nowadays it is a standard used by the European Union (EU).

The TRL phases vary from 1 to 9, where TRL 1 states technology in the beginning of the development and TRL 9 states technology which is technical and commercial ready. These 9 TRL’s of degree of development can be categorised in 4 different phases. For the Circular Textile Days it is more than enough to use those 4 phases (see picture below) to define the development of the presented items.

TRL scheme Circularity - CTD

For the market, it is important that a (circular) innovation can actually be applied. The Technology Readiness Level serves to clarify this. At what stage of readiness for the market is your product or service and does it offer a practical solution for end users?

What Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is your company?

Please select for:

Innovation forum

Is (one of) your latest textile development interesting to show at the Innovation Forum?
Your submission will be consulted with the Circular Textile Days Advisory Board.

Choose your membership

Exhibitor versus Associate

Circular Textile Days welcomes your engagement. Below you can choose which participation suits you best: Exhibitor or Associate.

Please select your membership:

Thank you to sign up as an exhibitor. Choose your booth size here: *
Let's boost your exposure


The Circular Textile Days is a business event that offers a great opportunity for meeting new partners in the sustainable textile business and for discovering and discussing innovative circular textile solutions.

A broad selection of companies and institutes show their new sustainable, circular solutions. The entire textile-chain is present, from recycled yarn to eco-design garments, reusing materials and high-tech recycling. Visitors are expected from various textile industry segments, from B2B end-users to fashion brands, retailers, educators and students.

We have a speaker line-up with interesting and representative people who are informative and inspirational to strengthen our mission of circular textile. Topics that for example might be included for the second edition are the NTA 8195 on Circular Textile, the EPR (or UPV in Dutch), Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CRSD), LCA’s, biobased materials and the facts of recycling materials like polyester, polyamide and cotton.

Circular Textile Days aims to be the future platform for talks, discussions, presentations and sharing innovative ideas.

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